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Delivering smarter commercial strategies for digital transformation

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Delivering smarter commercial strategies for digital transformation

River Avenue offers specialist digital transformation strategies to enable financial institutions in the Fixed Income markets to grow and thrive.  Digital transformation affords an opportunity for companies to maximise the results of streamlined workflows. The world is changing and the powerhouses of the future will be those institutions, small and large, who have embraced these changes. Digital Strategy must now flow through commercial decisions.

River Avenue is your partner in this journey.

about us


Founded by Dom Holland, River Avenue provides a strategic commercial digital innovation partner for Financial Institutions. With our specialist knowledge of the fixed income markets, we review current working practices and embrace innovation where needed to create more cost effective and streamlined workflows. Challenging boundaries to create visionary, bespoke solutions, we have a proven track record in modernising core technologies to power growth, delivering tangible results.

Dom Holland

Investment Consultant Dom Holland

As a respected specialist in electronic trading of credit products, I have 35 years global investment banking experience in both the US and United Kingdom. My success in delivering results driven digital transformation strategies has ignited a passion to facilitate change across the fixed income space. An opinion leader in Fixed Income Electronic Trading, my main focus is to ensure that digital adoption delivers real value. 


Most recently, I was Head of Fixed Income Electronic Markets at BNY Mellon in New York where I jointly managed the 125 person Fixed Income Trading business. Responsible for introducing digital strategy with technologies tailored to increase client reach and wallet share to boost profitability.  Prior to this I was Global Head of Credit e-Sales at Deutsche Bank.

“He is widely respected in the field for his versatility, breadth of talent, passion, and outstanding ability” Chief Investment Officer at a Global Asset Manager

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Our Offer


Targeted technology solutions from concept to adoption. 

With a wealth of experience in fintech intelligence strategy, a specialist understanding of strategy execution, and technical knowledge of data vendors and their applications, River Avenue will partner with clients to deliver a thorough analysis of existing systems, their viability for today and the future direction of the business. 

A unique approach

  • Overview of your technology execution strategy

  • Review of digital operations within your business model

  • A comprehensive 360’ review - analysis of your target audience, products, competition, ecosystem and workflows


  • Evidence based strategic report aligned with commercial need 

  • Digital innovation strategy and plan

  • Increased revenue by streamlining existing technology use and, where necessary, adoption of new technologies

How we can do this

  • 35 years senior level experience in Fixed Income space and 20 years in electronic markets

  • Comprehensive and current understanding of prevailing regulatory environment

  • Specialist understanding of digital strategy execution

  • Expertise in business development strategy for Fixed Income clients

  • Extend the team with relevant expert consultants as needed to deliver the right commercial digital strategy for the client.

What people are saying


What people are saying about River Avenue

“He has a unique set of qualifications and experiences that place him at the very top of his field”

Professor of Finance at a respected University

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Delivering smarter commercial strategies for digital transformation

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